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Detailed and practical information on the Arles route.

Via Tolosana

The most comprehensive site encountered on the Web, entirely dedicated to the Arles route: maps, stages, accommodation, guides and other practical information. Covers the route from Arles to Puente-la-Reina. In French only!

Au coeur du chemin

Site of the Friends of the routes to Santiago in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques who maintain the 4 great routes as well as the Piémont route in the 'département'.
Provide very practical information : detailed descriptions of the stages between Maubourguet and the Somport pass, list of accomodations, FAQ. In French only!



(ongoing maintenance)

Site of local associations along the Arles route. Provide detailed maps, diagrams, a comprehensive and updated list of accommodations. Also provide diagrams relating to routes heading to Arles from Italy: domitian route (from Montgenèvre) and aurelian route (from Menton).

ACIR - Association de Coopération InterRégionale

Group of regions, municipalities, associations and individuals. Provides information on all St-James routes in the Midi-Pyrénées region (south-west of France).
Provides a map and a longitudinal section of the route, a list of stages and various practical information.

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Mundicamino > Camino Aragonés

Best source on information on the spanish section of the route, the Camino aragonés : detailed description of the stages, maps, longitudinal sections, accommodations (very comprehensive list), shops, health assistance, monuments, transportation. Can even speak French and German, but not English.

Camino de Santiago - Eroski

A part of this website is about the Camino aragonés : stage descriptions, maps, longitudinal sections, accommodations.

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Website from Navarra covering the Camino aragonés in 3 stages (!) : limited descriptions and very detailed maps.

Asociación Oscense de los Amigos del Camino de Santiago

Website of an association from Aragón (Huesca) covering the Camino aragonés in 6 stages : fairly detailed descriptions, maps.

FernWege - Via Tolosana

descriptive and illustrated presentation in 36 stages of the Arles route in German.

WikiPedia - la voie tolosane

the article relating to the Arles route in the famous free encyclopedia.

General information on the Arles route.

The Confraternity of Saint James

General presentation of the Arles route in one page. Special section on English-speaking guides of which one on the Arles route.

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Compostella 2010

the website of Ferdinand Soler, pilgrim and hospitalero for more than 10 years and the author of a topo-guide on the Camino francés.

Centro Virtual Cervantes

Interesting for the cultural aspects of the Camino aragonés.

Jakobus info

General information on the Arles route in German. Detailed information (maps, accommodations and other facilities) come from other web sites mentionned above. Curiosity : webcams located along the Camino francés.

Het Nederlands Genootschap van Sint Jacob

For those who can speak the language, a website in dutch.

Tourist offices along the Arles route (almost all of them in French or Spanish).

   from Arles to Toulouse    

from Toulouse to Puente-la-Reina 








   area of Montesquiou



   Haut-Languedoc Natural Park

   area of Maubourguet




   Aspe Valley





   Sorèze Abbey

   Valle del Aragón



   Canal du Midi