Arles route - Weg von Arles - Camino de Arles - Voie d'Arles

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This website is about the Arles route (also known as chemin d'Arles, voie d'Arles or Via Tolosana), one of the four main pilgrimage routes crossing France that leads from Arles in the French Provence to Puente-la-Reina in the Spanish Navarra. There, it merges with the Camino francés heading to Santiago-de-Compostela. The Arles route is far less well-known and crowded than the Le-Puy route, with a frequentation 10 to 20 times less and accomodation improving year after year. This one of the reasons why it could be considered an interesting alternative by future pilgrims. Furthermore, its cultural and religious inheritance, the beauty and the diversity of crossed areas and the hearty welcome along the route are remarkable.

Our website is aimed at providing information on the Arles route as well as promoting interaction between those who already completed the route and those who seriously think of doing it. It results from contributions made by a group of pilgrims (Cf. 'Authors' category within the Gallery) who loved this route and who wanted to share their enriching experience and make it live beyond their peregrination.

For the time being, you can visit the Arles route's Gallery of pictures which you may comment and score, participate to our discussion forums and browse a descriptive page relating to the route and suggested stages and a page of useful links. Suggestions on the actual website as well as on expected developments are mostly welcomed


Pictures of the Arles route

Gallery of pictures

Over 500 pictures displayed by sections of the Arles route. This gallery is a compilation of pictures taken by 5 pilgrims of various nationalities who achieved the Arles route in May and June 2005. They joined forces in order to share their emotions and thoughts with former and future pilgrims ... and to make all of us dream a little bit longer.
Is it the first time you're visiting the gallery? Have a look at the 'Instructions for use' within the 'Introduction' category of the gallery.

Galerie de photos du chemin d'Arles


Several thematic forums focusing on pilgrimage in general.
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map ans stages of the Arles route

Map and stages

Presentation and simplified map of the route (GR 653) from Arles to Puente la Reina and some suggestions on how to divide the route into stages.

links of the Arles route

Useful links

List of interesting websites dedicated to the Arles route: websites providing detailed and practical information, websites providing general information, tourist offices' websites.